Question: I know you get tons of e-mail, but I really need your help. What can you tell me about a show called Almost Anything Goes? I don't even remember what year it was on, but I do remember watching it as a child. I also remember logrolling in a big pool or some other competition. No one I ask remembers it. Please help, all-knowing one. — Sharon, Tarpon Springs, Fla.

Televisionary: But of course. Almost Anything Goes, which featured commentators and hosts Regis Philbin, Charlie Jones, Lynn Schackelford and Dick Wittington, was a zany game show initially intended to have only a one-month run on ABC in July 1975.

As you say, the competition involved wacky challenges like swimming to a platform and donning formal wear, balancing an egg on your head while negotiating an obstacle course in a golf cart etc. Sort of like a team Fear Factor without the gross-outs and pain, AAG pitted squads representing various communities against one another, and it performed well enough to warrant a shot at a regular slot the following January. Alas, as the producers of many a summer series have discovered, the audience wasn't there, and it was off the air by the end of April.

Worth noting: ABC tried a Saturday-morning kids' version that fall, and a syndicated version featuring teams from different TV shows was produced in 1977-78. AAG was based on a European show called It's a Knockout.