Question: No one I know seems to recall the show Madame that came on, I believe, in the '80s and starred a wisecracking, female, silver-haired puppet. It might have been around the same time Madeline Kahn's show was on. I'm 27 yrs. old and those shows used to crack me up. I know I didn't make them up in my head, but I can't find any proof that they existed. Thanks for your help. — Tara, New Orleans, La.

Televisionary: Then consider this proof right here, Tara.

First off, you're thinking of Madame's Place, a syndicated, 30-minute comedy that aired in late 1982 and into early 1983. It starred late puppeteer Wayland Flowers's puppet Madame as a talk-show host. Johnny Haymer was her butler and other cast members included Judy Landers and Susan Tolsky.

ABC's Oh Madeline, which was based on the British series Pig in the Middle, debuted in the fall of '83 and starred the late Ms. Kahn as a bored housewife trying in vain to light up her dull suburban existence. It didn't work; the series lasted only until the following May.