Question: I know if anyone can help me, it's you. I remember there being a TV show about a female cafe owner who had recently gotten out of jail and was trying to start her new life on a good foot. One of her servers or chefs was Jennifer Aniston, and this show came on (and was canceled) only about a year before Friends aired. What was the name of that show? Thanks! — Emily, Houston, Tex.

Televisionary: Sounds to me like you're thinking of Muddling Through, which ran for just three months on CBS beginning in July 1994. It starred Stephanie Hodge as a parolee who came home to Michigan to run a truck stop. Aniston and Aimee Brooks played her daughters, Scott Waara played her son-in-law and D. David Morin played her husband, who cheated on her and caught a bullet for his troubles, which is what sent her to jail in the first place.