Question: Do you know who performs Kingdom Hospital's theme song and what the name of the song is? It's driving me crazy trying to find out who! — James

Televisionary: Just like it's driving me crazy trying to figure out where you're from, James? I get a kick out of seeing where in the country — and, sometimes, the world — readers are checking out the column, so please humor me and fill out that part of the form when you send questions in. As a teacher of mine used to say: I ask for so little.

The theme song is "Worry About You," from New York City-based Ivy, and you'll find it on their 2001 CD Long Distance (Nettwerk). King reportedly asked Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger, an Ivy member, to write a song that sounded like FOW's "Stacy's Mom," but Schlesinger was able to talk King into using the current choice.

And for those who asked about another song from the show, "Red Dragon Tattoo," that's an FOW tune and you'll find it on their Utopia Parkway CD (Atlantic).