Question: When I was a kid we used to watch a show called Then Came Bronson. Who was the lead actor and what other shows was he in? — Brian, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Televisionary: Michael Parks starred as Jim Bronson on the existential drama, which ran on NBC for a year beginning in September 1969. Aside from playing Bronson, who quit his reporting job, got rid of everything he owned and took off to ride around the country on his best friend's motorcycle after said buddy committed suicide, Parks didn't do a whole lot of regular series work. He appeared as Phillip Colby (aka Hoyt Parker) at the tail end of The Colbys in 1987, but the actor's TV appearances were mainly guest stints on shows like Walker, Texas Ranger, Twin Peaks, Fantasy Island and others. You may also have caught him in such features as From Dusk Till Dawn and the Kill Bill movies.