Question: I just stumbled upon Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" program. My favorite is Sealab 2021, which is just a wickedly wonderful show! Do you know any history on the show and whether they will make any new episodes? — Yolanda, Marshall, Tex.

Televisionary: When you say history, I assume you mean of the original Sealab 2020, a half-hour Hanna-Barbera production which ran on NBC's Saturday-morning schedule for a year beginning in September 1972.

On that show, Captain Mike Murphy and his kids, Bobby and Sally, were rescued from a shipwreck and came to stay in Sealab, an underwater facility run by Dr. Paul Williams, manned by Williams' "oceanauts" and populated by 250 citizens. Voices for that series included actresses Pamelyn Ferdin (Charlotte's Web) and Ann Jillian (It's a Living).

Of course, if you're watching Sealab 2021, you know the hilarious folks behind it have turned the concept on its ear. Captain Hank Murphy is an idiot. So are the people who work for him, and most of the humor is too racy and bizarre for me to even begin to explain here. But like you, I'm a fan. And I'm very happy Cartoon Network, according to a spokeswoman pal, will continue to crank out episodes. Look for the third season to kick off Nov. 14 with a half-dozen new ones, and come spring Warner Home Video will release the second season on DVD.