Question: I just started watching the new medical TV show Presidio Med on Wednesday nights. And the plastic surgeon played by Sasha Alexander is soooo familiar looking to me. I've been racking my brain for weeks now, since I first saw a commercial for the show, trying to place her. Can you please tell me what other things she has been in? — Anie, West Dundee, Ill.

Televisionary: Golly, Anie. Dr. Jackie Colette may be a little stiff, but as far as I know the character's meant to be flesh and blood. Anyway, you may have spotted Alexander, who plays the good doctor on the new CBS drama, on the small screen on shows like Dawson's Creek or ABC's short-lived Wasteland. She also picked up checks for guest work on CSI, Friends, The Tracey Ullman Show and Greg the Bunny.

On the big screen, you may have caught her in 2001's All Over the Guy or Twin Falls Idaho.