Question: I just happened to catch sight of the cute girl who played Rob Lowe's ex-girlfriend on last night's The West Wing. She looks so familiar! It's driving me crazy that I can't remember who she is or where I've seen her! Can you help me?

Televisionary: Well, the craziness part is between you and your therapist, friend, but I certainly can assist you on the actress part. On The West Wing, the former fianc&#233e of White House Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn (Lowe) — and man, are you guys quick to downgrade the seriousness of relationships once they're over — was played by Traylor Howard, whose last major TV role was Sharon on ABC's defunct Two Guys and a Girl.

If you weren't a fan of that show — and not enough people were, which is why it's gone — you may have caught her in one of her more than 30 ad appearances or on the short-lived NBC sitcom Boston Common. If you're an avid movie goer, you also might have seen her on the big screen in Me, Myself &#038 Irene or Dirty Work.