Question: I just finished reading your column for this week and noticed an error in one of your answers. A woman was asking about a TV movie with Ellen Barkin and Oprah Winfrey. Your answer was that it was Ellen Foster but in actuality the movie was called Before Women Had Wings, a 1997 TV movie starring Barkin and Winfrey. This film was produced by Oprah and the story revolved around an abused child who sought refuge with a coloured neighbour in 1960s southern America. Don't mean to be picky but I love it when my brain full of useless knowledge comes in handy. Love your column! — Tammy P., Hamilton, Ont., Canada

Televisionary: I love it when my own useless knowledge comes in handy, too, especially since it seems to do so on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, in this case, I was, well... wrong.

The movie in question in my Feb. 24 column was indeed Before Women Had Wings, not Ellen Foster (though to give myself a break, they are pretty similar films). As you say, the 1997 Hallmark film Wings starred Barkin, Winfrey, John Savage, and Julia Stiles and Tina Majorina as the two young girls trying to escape the abuse of their mother (Barkin) after their dad (Savage) killed himself.

The good news is that Christine in Washington now knows the name of the right movie. The bad is that it's not available on home video as of yet, but she's welcome to read the Connie May Fowler book it was based on. (And when is something that forces you to read more entirely bad?)

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to correct me — I need that now and then — and thanks, too, for being nice about it.