Question: I just began watching One Tree Hill a month or two ago, and I thought I had everybody straight as far as who they were and how they were connected to each other, only now I am totally confused. I know that Dan is Lucas' real father, and I know (I think) that Keith and Dan are brothers, and I thought that Karen was Lucas' mother, but I am totally confused now about how Dan, Keith, Karen, and Lucas all tie in together. Please help me on this one! Thank you so much! — Brittany, Calvert City, Ky.

Televisionary: Dan (Paul Johansson) got Karen (Moira Kelly) pregnant while they were in high school. He then took off for college, leaving her with Lucas (Chad Michael Murray), their son. While Dan was gone, Karen maintained a friendship with Dan's brother Keith (Craig Sheffer). Then Dan came home with a new wife and new son, Nathan (James Lafferty). Make sense?