Question: On John Goodman's new show Ordinary, Ohio, who plays his sister? And what other show has she played on? — Jeff

Televisionary: You mean Normal, Ohio, Jeff, but it doesn't make much difference since the series has fallen victim to the Fox axe — actually, technically it's on hiatus and the network has decided not to order any more episodes — after underperforming in the ratings.

Regardless, the actress playing sister Pamela on the show is Joely Fisher, who also had a guest run on the WB's Darren Star comedy Grosse Pointe. But you most likely know her from her work as Paige Clark on ABC's convention-testing ABC sitcom, Ellen.

Fisher, daughter of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens and half-sister to actress and writer Carrie (Star Wars), has also appeared in such big-screen features as Inspector Gadget and The Mask.