Question: On the January 31 episode of Will &#038 Grace, the actress who played the new bride of Grace's ex-fianc&#233 looks so familiar to me. I know she was on some sitcom but I just can't place her. Her voice was even more familiar to me than her face. Please tell me what sitcom she was on previously as a regular. It is driving me crazy trying to place her! Thank you very much!

Televisionary: Glad to be of service. The young lady who played the distressed bride-to-be on that episode of the hit sitcom was none other than Jennifer Aspen, whose last regular gig was playing Jason Alexander's daffy ex on ABC's failed Bob Patterson.

Before that, you may have seen her as Daphne, mother to Charlie's daughter Diana, on Fox's Party of Five. She's also done guest appearances on such series as Beverly Hills, 90210, Chicago Hope, NYPD Blue and Married... with Children.