Question: Question: I've never taken the time to write a letter like this, but I just felt the need to write and tell you that your column sucks. It is completely dragging down the entire Ask the Experts section. The questions you usually choose to respond to are laughable. Most of them can be answered by anyone who takes two seconds to look on the Internet. I swear, if someone wrote in to ask you who played Jerry Seinfeld on Seinfeld you would probably waste column space answering that. Worse, you would probably answer the question in about 10 pages. Take this week, for example: Did the question "what was Danny Thomas's real name?" really warrant almost an entire page as an answer? You could have answered in about two sentences, but instead responded with everything you could think of that was even tangentially related to Danny Thomas. If you think you're impressing your readers with your knowledge, you're not. Maybe you should focus more on the quantity of your answers instead of their quality (which is surprisingly low). John Doe, Anytown, U.S.A.


Answer: Televisionary: Dad...? That you?