Question: I've noticed a couple of times that TV Guide and other sources have complained that no one ever made Nancy Drew since the 1970s version combined with The Hardy Boys. I remember a Nancy Drew show airing in syndication about five years ago. The Hardy Boys were either featured or had their own show in connection with it. Nancy was college age and touring around France (it looked like it was set there), but the show was English speaking. Please help me out Televisionary! — Teresa, Bel Air, Md.

Televisionary: You remember correctly, Teresa. A 30-minute syndicated version of Nancy Drew was produced from 1995-96 and sold with an updated Hardy Boys. The characters appeared in each other's series and most likely you watched them back to back since they were scheduled together in many markets.

Tracy Ryan starred as the nosy Nancy, an early-20s gal who lived in a New York apartment with pals George (Joy Tanner) and Bess (Jhene Erwin), who penned an advice column for a rag called, well... The Rag. Nancy did temp work to put food on the table, but her real calling was mystery solving. Felicity's Scott Speedman popped up now and then as Ned, Nancy's occasional love interest.

Paul Popowich (Dark Angel, Beverly Hills, 90210) played Joe Hardy and Colin Gray was brother Frank in the syndicated Hardy series. Writing figured into the sleuthing on that show, too, since Frank was a reporter working under editor Kate Craigen (Fiona Highet). Joe, for his part, brought in spending money as a freelance photographer.