Question: I'm trying desperately to remember the name of this TV show we believe is from the '80s and was short lived. It was based on an aircraft carrier that went in out out of port. — Julia T., Lawrenceville, Ga.

Televisionary: You're thinking of ABC's Supercarrier, a drama that revolved around the doings of the U.S.S. Georgetown crew.

Based on a George C. Wilson (no, I don't believe he knew a kid named Dennis) book of the same name, the show featured Dale Dye as the ship's commander, Robert Hooks as the overseer of the pilots and a supporting crew that included Ken Olandt, John David Bland, Cec Verrell, Richard Jaeckal, Gerardo Mejia and Michale Stuart Sharrett.

Initially, the show was shot on board the real-life U.S.S. Kennedy, but the U.S. Navy withdrew its support when the writers began coming up with steamy and controversial plotlines. Not that it mattered, really. It turned out the carrier wasn't so super after all; it launched in March 1988 and sank off the ABC schedule six months later.