Question: My husband and I have a bet that Norm's wife, Vera, on Cheers was never seen. I say that she was never shown on the show, but my husband insists that she was seen on one episode. I find it funny he cannot remember what she looked like, though. Can you settle this bet for us? — Samantha S., Jacksonville, Fla.

Televisionary: Vera's face was never seen, so I say you win, Samantha. Probably the closest she came to revealing herself was when Diane threw a pie at Sam and hit the off-camera Vera in the face with it. When Vera stepped into the shot, of course, her face was obscured by the pie. (And the answer to your next question is yes, Vera's voice was heard on the show, courtesy of actress Bernadette Birkett, actor George Wendt's real-life wife.)