Question: I am a huge fan of Deadwood and its amazing ensemble cast, especially Ian McShane and Powers Boothe. Wasn't there some big hoopla about Boothe being the only actor to show up at the Emmy awards one year when there was a strike? Did it affect his career? Obviously, he's still working, and doing a fine job at it. — Steve M.

Televisionary: I'm a huge fan of the series, too, and think those two gentlemen do indeed turn in amazing work. (Of course, with all the talent on display, it's tough to play favorites.)

As for the controversy, Boothe was the only nominated actor to show up for the 1980 Emmy awards. As you say, a strike kept everyone else away. Boothe picked up an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Special statue for his work as Jim Jones in Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones, beating out Jason Robards (F.D.R.: The Last Year), Henry Fonda (Hallmark Hall of Fame: Gideon's Trumpet) and Tony Curtis (Movieola).

"I might be committing professional suicide by showing up," he said in his acceptance speech. Obviously not — in the long run, anyway.