Question: I am a huge fan of comedian Paul Rodriguez as well as the TV show Smallville, starring John Schneider as Jonathan Kent. I vaguely remember an old buddy-cop show starring both Paul and John that ran either in the '80s or '90s. It was a short-lived show, and on it Paul played a Hispanic cop who drove a low rider with a chain-link steering wheel. He also carried a sawed-off shotgun and always annoyed the John Schneider character. One scene I remember involved Paul's character picking up a bag of chili peppers from the local store. He dared John to eat one and they both did. Trying to act like tough guys, they eventually couldn't handle the heat and crashed their car into a civilian's yard and stumbled all over each other to drink from the yard faucet! I remember laughing so hard and loving that show, but I can't remember its title! Can you help me out? Thanks. — Greg, Dayton, Ohio

Televisionary: Short-lived indeed. Your question is longer than the show's 1990 run and takes up more space than my answer.

Rodriguez was Pedro N. Gomez and Schneider was Dennis "Hardball" Bakelenoff in the San Diego-based CBS comedy Grand Slam. Both were bounty hunters working for others (Larry Gelman and Abel Franco, specifically) before they decided to join forces and form their own company.

It didn't do them much good, nor did the fact that the show debuted after the Super Bowl. It kicked off in January and was off the schedule just three months later.