Question: I was hoping you could help settle a problem regarding an actor on the show Bull. Could you please tell me who plays the father to Alicia Coppola in the series, and what other shows he's been a regular on? My wife and I both recognize the actor but cannot place him. Thank you. — Robert

Televisionary: Aside from the fact that he's showing a lot more scalp and what hair he has left is now gray, Bruce Weitz is probably tough to recognize because he's cleaned up and doesn't growl anymore.

You most likely remember the actor as semi-feral undercover detective Mick Belker, who sported a stocking cap, a moustache, a few days' growth of beard and a whole lotta "wash me" on NBC's Hill Street Blues from 1981-87. Weitz was so great in that role that it took a drastic change in physical appearance for me to accept him as anything else. (Call it a karmic injustice for doing a good job, I guess.)

But accept him I do. I think he does a bang-up job as the proud papa of financial whiz and neighborhood-girl-made-good Marissa Ruffo (Coppola) on the underappreciated TNT series.