Question: Hi. I remember a TV show from my childhood with two women who lived in a trailer near Hollywood. They worked as extras in films and tried to break into movies. I think one was a war widow with a young daughter. I believe Virginia Gibson was in it and it was called So This Is Hollywood. Can you tell me if I'm remembering correctly? And do you have any more info on this show? Thanks. — Carol from N.J.

Televisionary: Why, you've done most of the work for me, Carol, but I'll add what I can. So This Is Hollywood was a sitcom that ran on NBC from January 1955 to August of the same year.

One of the stars was indeed Ms. Gibson, whose extra/actress wannabe-character Kim Tracy roomed with stuntwoman Queenie Dugan (Mitzi Green). Queenie was already over the star game herself, but devoted a chunk of her time to figuring out ways to help Kim break in. Also on the series were Jimmy Lydon as Andy Boone, Kim's agent, and Gordon Jones as Hubie Dodd, Queenie's boyfriend.