Question: Hi. My mom and I have been discussing this question for a week or two. How many Baldwin brothers (and/or sisters) are there? I say there are four and my mom says five. Thank you. — Megan

Televisionary: Y'know, since the Baldwins are an American treasure owned by both TV, film and, well... all of us, I briefly considered handing this off to that big-screen babe, FlickChick. But then I figured we no longer work in the same office and I don't get to swipe candy from the dish on her desk anymore, so I'm keeping this one for myself.

You might think that with careers that have touched such popular properties as The Hunt for Red October

and Knot's Landing (Alec), The Usual Suspects and The Young Riders (Stephen), Sliver and Backdraft (Billy), and Trees Lounge and Homicide: Life on the Street (Daniel), there are at least 30 or so Baldwins gunning for roles in Hollywood. Truth is the ones I just named are all there are — four. And they're all boys... unless you count Stephen's sorta girly, long-haired days as William F. Cody, but I don't think he'd much cotton to that.