Question: Please help me win a bet. What was the name of the actress who played Gina, the P.A.A. who dated Martinez on NYPD Blue around 1997? Thanks so much. — Karen W.

Televisionary: Well, Karen, perhaps it's time I start nagging people again about an old Televisionary rule: If you're going to write me about a bet, I insist on knowing what's at stake. A steak dinner? A paycheck? Spill it.

Nevertheless, I'll tell you that P.A.A. (principal — or sometimes police — administrative assistant) Gina Colon, who began dating Det. James Martinez (

Nicholas Turturro) shortly after showing up on the job and eventually had his baby, was played by Lourdes Benedicto. If you miss the lady, look for her on Dawson's Creek as a troubled barmaid/love interest for the chronically irritating Pacey (Joshua Jackson).