Question: Please help settle a bet. Who played alongside Robert Young in Marcus Welby, M.D? Was it James Brolin or Chad Everett? Also, what other doctor show did Everett appear in?

Televisionary: Whatever is at stake (and you know I hate when you don't tell me), somebody's going to be happy. (You didn't even have the common courtesy to tell me which actor you were betting on, for crying out loud.)

'Twas Mr. Barbra Streisand (that's Brolin, for the confused among you) who portrayed Dr. Steven Kiley on the medical drama, which ran on ABC from September 1969 to May 1976. The character was a neurologist-in-training who signed on to work with Welby and his Santa Monica practice for a year, but ended up staying on. Not a bad choice, considering the longer stint on the show resulted in his marrying the eye-pleasing Janet (Pamela Hensley) in '75.

Everett played sawbones Dr. Joe Gannon on Medical Center, which practiced on CBS's schedule from September 1969 to September 1976. He was an associate professor of surgery at a hospital that operated under an L.A. university.