Question: Help. I've been rattling my brain for weeks. What's the title of this TV show from the '80s? It starred a redhead and a Rob Morrow-type, both in their 20s. The plot was, they both worked in this antique shop and a lot of the items were cursed. Unfortunately, the last owner of the store didn't know that and had sold several items already. So in every episode, the two of them, along with the new store owner, some older english gentleman, I think, tried to retrieve one of the cursed items before it killed again. Help! — Alain

Televisionary: Stop rattling the old gray matter, Alain — you need that thing. Besides, the reason you can't think of the title is because it had pretty much nothing to do with the show.

Friday the 13th was a syndicated show, 78 episodes of which were produced from 1987-90. As you say, rather than focusing on the doings of the invincible Jason, it centered on a young woman (Louise Robey) who inherited an antiques shop from her uncle, who in turn had made a pact with Satan to sell cursed, death-dealing items in exchange for riches. She and her cousin (John D. Le May) teamed with a magician/mystic (Chris Wiggins) who'd been an associate of her uncle's to try and find the items before they could claim anymore lives.

Typical items included a cape which turned whoever wore it into a vampire, a mirror which helped a teenage girl attract guys (and forced her to kill them), a hearing aid which granted its wearer the power to read others' minds (but forced him to kill), etc. (You see a theme here, right?) One of the people who disappeared on the show was Le May, who was written out after the second season and replaced with Steven Monarque.