Question: Please help! At least 10 years ago, there was a Hallmark movie or movie of the week about an abused young girl who found solice with an African-American neighbor lady (maybe Oprah Winfrey). The name of it escapes me. I believe the mom was played by Ellen Barkin, but I'm not sure. Sorry for the limited info, but if anyone can figure it out, it's you. Also, do you know if it's available for purchase any where? Thanks! — Christine, Sumner, Wash.

Televisionary: Sounds to me like you're thinking of Ellen Foster, a 1997 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that starred Jena Malone as the titular Ellen, a young girl trying to escape life with her abusive father (Ted Levine) and grandmother (Julie Harris) after the death of her caring mother (Glynnis O'Connor). The home of her friend Starletta (Allison Jones II) and Starletta's mother (Lynne Moody) proved to be her salvation.

The film, based on the acclaimed book by Kaye Gibbons, is available on VHS at major online retail sites, and I was able to find it on DVD from Ann's Hallmark Shop.