Question: Please help! My husband and I are having a disagreement. Is the guy who played the father on Married... with Children the same guy who plays the father on That '80s show?

Televisionary: Well, because every question from my readers is a good one, I'll be gentle and respectful and say, well... not on your life. Not even close, really.

Actor Geoff Pierson plays RT, dad to Corey (Glenn Howerton) and Katie (Tinsley Grimes) on Fox's That '80s Show. You may recognize him from his regular gigs on Unhappily Ever After and Grace Under Fire or guest spots on such series as Friends, Party of Five and Law &#038 Order. On the big screen, you may have caught him in Behind Enemy Lines or Leave It to Beaver.

Married... with Children's Al Bundy, on the other hand, was played by Ed O'Neill. If you tuned in during the brief time it was on, you may have seen him most recently on CBS's well-done but underappreciated Big Apple. If you're more of the moviegoing type, however (and shame on you for neglecting the hallowed medium of TV), you could have seen him in such silver-screen offerings as The Bone Collector, Blue Chips or Dutch.