Question: Please help me. I seem to remember a show on TV called something like Chase. I think it was a police show. All I can remember is a German shepherd police dog and a Plymouth police car. I am not exactly sure of the year. I think maybe 1970? Did such a show ever exist? Was it a series? Of course, I was only a little kid back then, so maybe my mother spiked my Bosco and it never existed. Thanks. — Vincent M., Staten Island, N.Y.

Televisionary: If your mom was spiking your Bosco with anything, it was plain old milk, as it should have been, Vincent. The police drama did indeed exist, albeit rather briefly, on NBC's schedule from September 1973 to August 1974.

Mitchell Ryan (Dharma &#038 Greg) starred as Capt. Chase Reddick, a cop whose unit tackled cases others in the L.A. Police Department couldn't handle. Under him was a team of specialists that included Officer Norm Hamilton (Reid Smith), a crack helicopter pilot; Officer Steve Baker (Michael Richardson), an ace driver; Officer Fred Sing (Brian Fong), a demon with a motorcycle; and Sgt. Sam MacCray, who was a natural with police dogs. Reddick reported to Chief of Detectives Frank Dawson (Albert Reed).

Does that make chocolate syrup brain food? Hmmm...