Question: Hello! My girlfriends and I were chatting and one stated that Joan, the character in Girlfriends, is Diana Ross's daughter. Is this true?

Televisionary: Sure you don't want to ask if she's Patrick Macnee's daughter? Okay, Tracee Ellis Ross is the famous Supreme's kid, though she goes to great lengths to downplay it. The actress, the second of five Ross children, insists in interviews that she's determined to make it on her own (though not determined enough to drop the name, apparently).

Frankly, skeptical as I am, I have to admit she's in a no-win situation pleading that case. If she honestly believes it makes no difference, she comes off as naive, and if she embraces her lineage, no one will give her credit for any achievements.

Consider her r&#0233sum&#0233 to date. After graduating from Brown University, she was offered a contributing editor spot at Mirabella. After nine months there, she moved to New York magazine's fashion office, then made the jump to on-camera work and soon landed a gig hosting The Dish on Lifetime. She's currently working on MTV's Lyricist Lounge in addition to putting in time on Girlfriends.

Do you believe her mom's celebrity status had nothing to do with all that?

Either way, who can hold it against her? It's tough enough to make it in this town — I say use every advantage you've got — and once the name gets you in, you still need the talent to pull it off.