Question: Without hair he looks different, but didn't Michael Chiklis play a cop on another TV series? I can't think of the name, but hated that they took it off the air. — Sandra W., Spartanburg, S.C.

Televisionary: Actually, Chiklis was busted down to detective to play Vic Mackey on FX's The Shield, Sandra. You're thinking of ABC's The Commish, which ran from September 1991 to August 1995.

In it, Chiklis, who just picked up a Golden Globe for his Shield efforts (the series itself won best TV drama), played a Brooklyn native who was the police commissioner of Eastridge, a suburban New York town. Theresa Saldana portrayed his wife and David Paymer was his brother-in-law for the show's first season. (Trivia note: Nicholas Lea was Officer Ricky Caruso for three years on the show before moving on to plague Fox Mulder as Alex "Rat Boy" Krycek on The X-Files.)

In between those two gigs, by the way, Chiklis starred in NBC's Daddio and played n'yuk-n'yuking Stooge Curly Howard in a TV movie. (He also did voice work for last year's most excellent Japanese import Spirited Away, which I only mention because I absolutely loved that movie and thought far too few people went to see it in this country. Hey, it's my column — I get to do that.)