Question: The guy that starred in Early Edition was on a TV show before that, set in the '50s or '60s. Do you know the name of that show and what it was about? Appreciate your time. Thanks. — Erica, Byron Center, Mich.

Televisionary: Appreciate your question, Erica. I assume you're thinking of ABC's late and oft-lamented Homefront, a prime-time soap that featured Edition star Kyle Chandler and a host of others. Running from September 1991 to April '93, it revolved around a group of soldiers returning home to small-town Ohio after World War II and the people waiting for them there.

Loved by critics and nominated for numerous Emmys, it featured David Newsom as a G.I. who came home to discover that his gal (Alexandra Wilson) had fallen in love with his brother (Chandler), married her anyway, then left town after her death. Chandler's character went on to play pro baseball, while others in town included an African-American soldier (Sterling Macer Jr.) who returned to face racial discrimination, a soldier (Harry O'Reilly) who came back with an English wife (Sammi Davis-Voss), and Newsom and Chandler's mom (Wendy Phillips) and sister (Jessica Steen), who took up with a labor organizer and became a writer, respectively.

I'm really not doing the show justice with that slapdash summary at all, mind you. I'm sure fans, who include my colleague Matt Roush, would slap me for barely scratching the surface of the series. But they'd likely love to slap ABC execs a lot harder for canceling it without giving it much of a chance.