Question: When I was growing up I used to love Land of the Lost. For some reason I remember the father making it back home, (with an uncle taking his place somehow?) and Will and Holly remaining stuck in prehistoric times. Is this right and, if so, did they ever get back home? — Christopher K., Suwanee, Ga.

Televisionary: You remember correctly, Christopher. After two seasons, Jack Marshall (Ron Harper), brother to forest ranger Rick Marshall (Spencer Milligan) and uncle to Will (Wesley Eure) and Holly (Kathy Coleman), wandered into a time vortex which transported him to the Land of the Lost and returned Rick to our dimension. (Well, not ours, actually. It was the real-life TV character dimension he lived in before getting lost and... you get me, right?)

Now, why did this alternate universe-hopping phenomenon affect this particular family? Beats me. But it was up to Uncle Jack to try and help Will and Holly get home. Unfortunately for all involved, he never did.

A new Land of the Lost ran on ABC for three seasons beginning in 1991, with a new adult (Tom) and two new kids (Kevin and Annie) left to run around with their dinosaur pal — and run from the Sleestaks.

And no, I can't psychoanalyze Sid or Marty Krofft to figure out if some sort of abandonment issues fueled their decision to strand the Marshalls in dino-land, Jimmy on Living Island (H.R. Pufnstuf) and Mark in a land of talking hats (Lidsville).