Question: What a great column for TV Trivia buffs! There should be some kind of site that deals with questions about performers in commercials. But since I know you know — and I don't and would like to — who is the long, lean, lovely blonde in the Old Navy spots that ran after Carrie Donovan's passing? Thanks for watching. — Mike W.

Televisionary: No, no, Mike, thank you for reading. It sounds like you're thinking of model Molly Sims, host of MTV's House of Style. But she not only appeared in those ads after the death of Donovan, the New York Times fashion editor who passed away last year, she also worked with her to shill for the chain.

If you're now a fan, you'll also find her in various fashion print ads as well as in the Victoria's Secret catalog and in the 2000 edition of the

Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue. And she's not only cover material, she's loaded with fashion advice, too! Among the more choice beauty tips she offered Cosmo: "Use lipstick as an all-purpose beautifier — on lips, cheeks, even eyes. Plus, I swear that rubbing castor oil onto my eyelashes makes them grow thicker." So there you go, Mike. When you see a spike in your overall beauty quotient and are sporting lush lid growth, I expect thank-you gift bags for Molly and myself.