Question: Who is the female actress who guest starred on the January 9 episode of Will &#038 Grace?

Televisionary: Well, since January 9 was a Wednesday and Will &#038 Grace is a Thursday show, I'll assume you meant the 10th and go from there, okay?

I'll also assume you meant Lesley Ann Warren, who first played the part of a mistress to Will's father (director Sydney Pollack) a year ago. As you saw in this most recent appearance, Grace (Debra Messing) hoped to set Warren's giggling girlfriend character up with a new guy and thus tempt her away from Will's dad, but complications and hilarity ensued. You may remember Warren from her Oscar-nominated performance in Victor/Victoria or from her TV work on Mission: Impossible and TV movies and miniseries like Portrait of a Stripper and Beulah Land.