Question: Was there a family western TV series called The Monroes? There were three kids who lost their parents when their covered wagon's wheel broke and both mom and dad were swept downstream and killed. The oldest brother then took care of his siblings. It had to be at least 20 to 30 years ago. Please respond soon. This is driving me nuts!

Televisionary: Ah, it's always about sanity, isn't it? The readers'. Mine. Well, let's at least ease your troubled mind.

Yes, The Monroes related the doings of five orphans whose parents drowned on the way to claim land in the Wyoming Territory in 1876. Eighteen-year-old son Clayt (Michael Anderson, Jr.), and 16-year-old daughter Kathy (Barbara Hershey) led their twin brothers, their younger sister and their dog to their claim and set about making a life for themselves.

Problem was, that land was coveted by the evil Major Mapoy (Liam Sullivan), who wasn't about to let those snotty kids and their Native American pal Dirty Jim (Ron Soble — and yes, they called him "dirty" even though they liked him) get in his way.

Since I'm in a confusion-prevention mood this week, don't mix up this show, which ran on ABC for a year beginning in the fall of 1966, with ABC's later series of the same name. That tawdry series, which focused on a powerful Kennedy-like family headed by William Devane, also ran for a year starting in 1995.