Question: There were episodes of I Dream of Jeannie that featured an invisible dog that did not like Major Nelson. What was the dog's name and who did it belong to? — Sean M.

Televisionary: Once again I'm faced with a reader who doesn't need help, but rather seeks to confound me with a question he foolishly believes to be a stumper.

Trifle not with my TV powers, mortal — you bark up the wrong tree. The I Dream of Jeannie

dog's name was Djinn Djinn; he was only invisible part of the time; he belonged to Jeannie (Barbara Eden) and he didn't discriminate in terms of hatred. He despised all uniformed men since, Jeannie explained, the palace guards were unkind to him in past years.

In his appearances on the show, the vicious little beast shredded many a pant leg and was once turned into a porcelain statue when one of Jeannie's spells went awry, as they were wont to do. He also became a proud papa in a story that involved Roger (Bill Daily) telling everyone Jeannie (Barbara Eden) was pregnant when it was actually Mrs. Djinn Djinn who was expecting.