Question: On an episode of Before They Were Stars focusing on Vanessa Williams, they showed her appearing on an early '80s TV show called Partners in Crime that starred Loni Anderson and Lynda Carter. My friends and I have not been able to dig up any info on it and are wondering if maybe we dreamt the whole thing! Loni Anderson and Lynda Carter fighting crime together?! If you could help us with any info on the show we'd really appreciate it, and if you can think of any way we could get our hands on some of the episodes we'd be eternally grateful! — Chris

Televisionary: The reason you haven't been able to dig up anything on it, Chris, is because it didn't have much time to generate press or opinions one way or another. It debuted on NBC's Saturday-night schedule in September 1984 and left the air a scant three months later.

When detective Raymond Caulfield was murdered, his two ex-wives — straitlaced photographer Carole Stanwyck (Carter) and jazzy jazz musician Sydney Kovak (Anderson) — teamed up to solve the crime and found he'd willed his house and business to them. They then decided to stay in business for themselves and set about solving crimes around San Francisco (well, solving them for three months, anyway).

As for where you might find tapes or DVDs, I'd imagine you won't have a whole lot of luck since the show was so short-lived. If anyone knows different, however, they're welcome to write in with the details.