Question: I enjoy reading your column every week. I do have a comment on this week's column. Actually, I'm a bit confused. I thought the song in the Saturn Ion commercial was "Forever Young," by Alphaville. Maybe there is more than one Saturn commercial out there? I'm thinking of the one where the kids are all playing in a suburban development and then it moves into a prom sequence just before the car reaches the sign. Thanks. — Mary Ann

Televisionary: Unless they've edited both spots together and I missed it, we are indeed talking about two different Saturn ads. "Prom" features the Alphaville tune, while "Childhood" uses the Walkmen's "We've Been Had." You can watch both of them at (And I'll once again trot out my old observation that auto ads manage to evoke more feeling and impact with 30-second mixes of music and visuals than many TV dramas can pull off with an hour.)