Question: Could you end this fight? I seem to remember a show, which wasn't on too long, that starred Doug Barr (Howie) from The Fall Guy. I think it was When the Whistle Blows. My brother and dad think I'm crazy. Am I? — Jason G., Flat Rock, Ohio

Televisionary: You guys keep asking me that, and I keep telling you I'm not licensed to make that call. However, I can tell you Barr did indeed appear on ABC's When the Whistle Blows, which debuted on ABC in March 1980.

Barr played Buzz Dillard, a construction worker whose colleagues and cohorts included Randy (Philip Brown), Hunk (Tim Rossovich), Norm (Dolph Sweet), Bulldog (Noble Willingham), Hanrahan (Gary Allen) and Lucy (Susan Buckner), the crew's only woman.

Your brother and dad doubt your sanity because the show wasn't on long enough for them to notice it. The whistle blew just five months after the series launched.