Question: I am dying to find out the name of the song used in the Mitsubishi Eclipse commercials. They featured different people dancing in their cars to this song and at the end it says, "Wind it up, baby." Can you tell me the artist and if I can find the song on CD? Please, please, please? — Tracey

Televisionary: Y'know, Tracey, if there's one thing I hate more than begging it's... well, not begging. So of course I can.

If we're thinking of the same ad, the song in question is The Wiseguys' "Start the Commotion," which you'll find on the album The Antidote. The Wiseguys originally consisted of two DJs, Touch&#233 and Regal, who got their start in Britain's underground hip-hop scene. After 1994's Ladies Say Ow! EP and 1996's Executive Suite album, Regal departed and Touch&#233 finished up The Antidote.

You may also have heard "Ooh La La," another popular tune from that disc, which is indeed available at your favorite online or bricks-and-mortar music retailer.