Question: Danger Theatre sounds somewhat like The Rerun Show, but in that series, actors would re-enact scripts from vintage sitcoms in each half hour. I enjoyed those few episodes I saw, and would like to know more about it. Can you help? — Jay O., Albany, Ga.

Televisionary: I see only a very slight resemblance between the two, Jay, but I'm not here to argue with my readers; I'm here to perform a service.

The Rerun Show, which debuted on NBC in August 2002, featured a troupe of comic actors (Ashley Drane, Candy Ford, Daniele Gaither, Danielle Hoover, Brian Beacock, Mitch Silpa, Don Reed and Paul Vogt) reshooting classic-comedy scripts with an entirely different interpretation than was presented the first time around. How different? Well, a Partridge Family script, for example, featured a fantasy hook-up between Laurie and Keith Partridge.

Put together by Mad TV co-creator David Salzman, the show also featured take-offs on such classics as The Jeffersons, The Facts of Life and What's Happening!!, but didn't catch on. It was off the air within the month.