Question: On a current Chevy Tahoe (I think) commercial with James Garner's voice, he recites what sounds like a song that I've heard before. Something like "I know where I've been." Is that a song or poem? — Cindy

Televisionary: Poem. And the impressive thing about it is that while you and others who've written in are sure it's a classic, it's actually a brand spankin' new work written just for Chevrolet.

Writer Patrick O'Leary explains on his website that when the idea came up at his ad agency to use children's verse in the spot, his boss decided they should write their own rather than use a well-known author. The task fell to O'Leary and he did, in my opinion, a spectacular job. (And given how much buzz the ad's gotten, I'm not alone.) Of course, having the always stellar Garner reading the work didn't hurt, either.

If you want a nifty Acrobat file of the poem, you can go to Chevy's Tahoe site,, wait for the Flash intro to finish, and download it. (And yes, I know I could've linked directly to the file itself, but if Chevy's good enough to put it up for free, I think we should at least click through their promo copy.)