Question: There was a cartoon on in the '70s that featured a dog that could turn invisible. I thought it was called The Ghostchasers, but I could be mistaken. Any idea of the name and if there is somewhere that I could obtain copies? — Staci S., Nottingham, Md.

Televisionary: Continuing with this animated discussion (sorry), you're thinking of ABC's Goober and the Ghost Chasers, which aired Saturday mornings on ABC for two seasons beginning in September 1973. (Only the first year included new episodes, however, — season two was all repeats.)

Essentially a Scooby-Doo retread, the show featured a team of kids sniffing out supernatural doings for a magazine called Ghost Chasers. Their dog Goober turned invisible (except for his hat) when frightened — which was most of the time — and all his legs bent like a human being's for some reason, which bothered me a lot when I was a kid. What bothers me as an adult is that the cartoon also featured the kid characters from The Partridge Family (voiced by the real cast members). More disturbing than Tim Conway being on Scooby, if you ask me.

As for getting your hands on a home-video version, good luck. Worldvision Home Video came out with two collections in the mid-'80s, but those are out of print, so your best bet might be eBay. Cartoon Network and Boomerang used to run episodes now and then, but I don't believe that's happened lately.