Question: Who is the Canadian actor in the TV series The $treet?

Televisionary: Lesser columnists would work in a cheap "hoser" comment or tell you to "take off, eh?" But darn it, I'm better than that, so I'll simply tell you the man you're thinking of is young Christian Campbell, brother to the better-known Neve. The actor played Balmont Stevens trainee Tim Sherman.

The Toronto native started acting at the age of six and, while still in school, scored a role in the cult-favorite Canadian series Degrassi Junior High. You may also have caught him working alongside such notables as Keri Russell and Charisma Carpenter in the short-lived Spelling high-school series Malibu Shores, which ran on NBC for a scant three months in 1996. Other TV roles include William Shatner's TekWar and the mini-series Seduced by Madness.

Those of you who keep writing in to ask about the show's health will note, by the way, that I said young Mr. Campbell "played" Sherman on The $treet. The series ran into a ratings recession with its very first episode and never recovered, so Fox shelved it.