Question: In Buffy's sixth-season finale, after "veiny" Willow has tried to destroy the world, there is a song that sounds a lot like Sarah McLachlan singing "The Prayer of St. Francis." I have looked on her website and the Buffy website, but there was no acknowledgement of the song. Do you know the artist? And do you know where I can buy a copy? It's quite beautiful. Thanks! — Therese, College Station, Tex.

Televisionary: That track, played in the "Grave" episode, can be found on the soundtrack CD Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Radio Sunnydale (Virgin) or on on McLachlan's Surfacing, but only on the limited-edition two-disc version of the CD. If you already own the standard CD, you can buy the second disc separately if you hunt around online, or you can buy the whole two-disc set as an import if you're willing to cough up some extra bucks.