Question: Bubba, from the series In the Heat of Night, did another series in which he starred in sometime (I believe) during the year 2000. Do you know the name of the series? Thanks. &#151&#160Alden.

Televisionary: I reckon you're thinking of Sons of Thunder, a Walker, Texas Ranger spin-off that aired on CBS for a month beginning in March 1999.

Autry, who portrayed Sgt. (eventually promoted to Cpt.) Bubba Skinner alongside Carroll O'Connor and Howard Rollins on NBC's In the Heat of the Night, played former boxer and ex-private investigator Marion "Butch" McMann on Thunder. He ran a sports bar and rented the office above it to Trent Malloy (Jimmy Wlcek) and Carlos Sandoval (Marco Sanchez), who had just opened a P.I. operation of their own.

Though they brought some experience to the job — Trent had worked under kick-first-ask-questions-later lawman Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris) on Walker and was mighty handy with his feet himself, while Carlos was an ex-Dallas cop — the two rookie sleuths regularly hit Butch up for advice.

The series was short-lived, but don't cry too hard for Autry. He's keeping plenty busy in his new line of work as the recently elected mayor of Fresno, Calif.