Question: My brother and I were trying to remember an old show from when we were young, but cannot remember the name. It was about a dog that wandered around and made friends with a different family each week. Some of the words from the theme song were: "Travelin' around from town to town / Sometimes I think I'll settle down / But I know I'm destined to be free / Driftin's the only life for me." Can you help us remember the show? Also, who sang the theme song and what was the exact title? Thanks!

Televisionary: Actually, those last two lines are: "But I know I'd hunger to be free / Rovin' is the only life for me."

The show in question was the syndicated Canadian series The Littlest Hobo, which followed the adventures of a German shepherd named London who rode the freights and, as the song says, wandered from town to town. Much like The Fugitive's Dr. Richard Kimble and The Incredible Hulk's Dr. David Banner before him (only he was a dog... and wasn't green), London befriended those in need along the way and helped them solve their problems before moving on.

Originally created as a 1958 TV-movie, the black-and-white series was produced from 1963-65 and sold to markets in Canada and the U.S. From 1979-85, it was revived and more episodes were shot in color, many of them using the same stories and premises as the first. (The theme song, by the way, was written by Ronald Stein and performed by Randy Sparks. I'll be honest here and admit I'm not quite sure what the exact title was.)

Overall, the star was quite a pooch, able to parachute from planes, understand English and interpret the law. When I was growing up it was all I could do to get my dog to come home when I called. Perhaps it was the bargain food we gave her.