Question: On Boston Public, the teacher played by Jessalyn Gilsig was driving and listening to a song when her car broke down, prompting her to take a baseball bat to it. What was the name of the song? My wife really liked the few lyrics she heard and would like to get it. Thank you. — Jimmy L., husband of a fan

Televisionary: But of course, Jimmy. However, may I first say you're a breath of fresh marital air for writing in to help the little lady, unlike all the other cranky spouses who merely want to prove their partners wrong in a spat?

Anyway, the tune teacher Lauren Davis (Gilsig) listened to just before meeting her stalker ex-student was the 1973 Intruders hit "I'll Always Love My Mama," which the wee Televisionary sang along with during his AM-radio childhood in Philadelphia. The band recorded with visionary producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, who created the acclaimed "Philly sound."