Question: Your April 19 answer about The Odd Couple prompts this one. I remember an updated Odd Couple with a Black cast. I don't think it was on for very long. Am I right? Mahalo. — Debbie, Springfield, Ohio

Televisionary: That you are, Debbie.

The New Odd Couple, an African-American version starring Ron Glass (Barney Miller) as Felix and Demond Wilson (Sanford and Son) as Oscar, debuted on ABC's Friday-night schedule in October 1982. It was pretty faithful to the original setup, with new actors cast in the roles of OC regulars Murray (John Schuck), Speed (Christipher Joy), Roy (Bart Braverman) and others. And as you say, it didn't last very long; it went off the air the following June.

(And for those of you about to ask after other versions, yes, there was an animated Oddball Couple, which featured a Felix-like feline and Oscar-like canine, on ABC's daytime schedule for two years beginning in 1975.)

'A'ole pilikia.