Question: In the '90s (early on, I believe) my husband and I religiously watched a TV drama called Counterstrike. Can you give me any help in finding copies of the show or anything? Tell me I'm not crazy. Google only turns up links to the action-adventure video game. But I know it was a show at one time. Thank you so much! — Kim K., Millersville, Md.

Televisionary: I'll throw in my old disclaimer here, Kim. I know nothing of your mental state, but I can tell you Counterstrike was indeed a USA Network show produced from 1990 to '93.

Christopher Plummer was a Canadian billionaire whose wife was killed by terrorists. So he put together an antiterror group to try and help people caught up in similar situations. The team, led by former Scotland Yarder Peter (Simon MacCorkindale), initially consisted of Nikki (Cyrielle Claire) and Luke (Stephen Shellen). But after Nikki got hitched and Luke got killed, Gabrielle (Sophie Michaud) and Stone (James Purcell) were brought in.

Laurence Ashley-Taboulet played Suzanne, Plummer's daughter, while Andre Mayers was his pilot, J.J., and Patricia Cartier was his secretary, Helene.

Unfortunately for you and your hubby, the series isn't available on home video, as far as I know.