Question: There were so many variety shows on in the '50s and every star had a theme song. I can't remember who sang "I'll Be Seeing You" as a way to close their show. Can you help? — Rosemary

Televisionary: You're probably thinking of Liberace, Rosemary. The flamboyant pianist (born Wladziu Valentino Liberace) started on local TV in Los Angeles in 1951, then had an NBC summer series the following year and shot a syndicated offering from 1953-55. Between those, his 1958-59 ABC daytime series and his 1969 CBS show, he had many an opportunity to close out with that song, and often did. (As you may know, Bing Crosby had a hit with the tune, as did Frank Sinatra when he sang it with Tommy Dorsey's band.)